Innovation- and research project for the VFX-industry

Campus i12 and Visualization Park elaborates a strategic research and innovation agenda for the VFX-industry.

The objective of the Visual effects (VFX) agenda is to elaborate a strategic research and innovation agenda for the technology and its applications in the film and postproduction industry.

The technology, and the industry that has built up around the visual effects, are evolving rapidly. Over the next years the driving forces affecting the industry will accelerate certain trends, which in turn will have major implications for the industry as a whole, businesses and those who work in the industry.

The two major trends are, technological progress and the impact of a global economy. The agenda will identify and address challenges for companies where the visual effects are an essential or critical part of their offer. Primarily, the film and post production industry in Sweden will formulate a desired vision for the VFX-industry in Sweden in order to find a joint path towards this vision, and to elaborate concrete actions within this path to improve the industries international competitiveness. Secondly , it aims to analyse other industries where the technology constitute a critical resource, but not the core offer, such the gaming industry.

The project is managed by Campus i12 and Visualization Park in Eksjö, and the project's strategic direction is supervised by representatives from the industry and School of Engineering at Jönköping university. VINNOVA - Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems - is financing the project Visual effects Agenda.

Information and contact:

Sofia Delis, Campus i12,

Joakim Falkäng, Visualization Park,