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Recruitment Day at Campus i12

Every year in the end of October our Programme Manager for Visual Effects organises a Recruitment Day where companies are invited to our school to meet and interview our students. 

It has been very successful throughout the years for both students and companies. It is easier for both parties to get a sense of a eachother if you meet them face to face before working together.


In the autumn, 2017 the following companies came to meet our students on the annual Recruitment Day.

Frankfurt - Pixomondo


London - One of US, Fire Without Smoke

Fredriksberg - BaconX

Copenhagen - Ghost, TGBVFX

Gothenburg - Filmgate

Malmö - Redloop

Stockholm - SwissILPChimneyFilmic ArtMedia Monks, FABLEfx, Goodbye Kansas

Lund -  Frank Valiant