3D visualisation

No admission for Visual Effects autumn 2019


Selecting 3D visualization, you will learn to implement photorealistic 3D productions within a predetermined time frame with quality requirements. The works you make can be used as both still and moving images for advertising and film productions. This may include modeling, texturing, shading, illuminate and animate objects and environments.

We educate independent, creative and talented 3D artists

How can you show off something that does not exist? How do you show a car that is not built, how you show a table that is not produced? You think paper, we think 3D.

3D is used everywhere today.

The majority of all car advertising includes cars in 3D, the furniture industry uses more and more 3D in their catalogs, phone manufacturers, soft drink companies, yogurt manufacturer ... There seems to be no area where 3D is not applicable. 3D can also help when you want to show something that is impossible. The bacteria spreading in the body, the gas travelling from one part of the engine to another.

In short, 3D saves time and money and can help us to push the limits.

During training, you will learn to see and understand the world around you in order to recreate it digitally. You will learn to produce photorealistic 3D in a cost and production manner, from a cinematographic point of view.

Our approach to knowledge through the education system. By self-seeking, interpreting and analyzing information about 3D, you can increase your ability to work and your ability to continue to develop even after the training.

Next time you go to the movies maybe it's your name that shows up in the credits...