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Visual Effects

Every year in the end of October we organise a Recruitment Day where companies are invited to our school to meet and interview our students before the work experience in the spring.  

We send invitations to companies that fit our profile for work experience. Our most frequent visitors are listed to the left on this page. If you wish to attend the Recruitment Day then please send us an email explaining why it is important for your company to attend and what your expectations are.

More than 50% of our students get their work experience placement from this event so it is an important event for us and for the companies that we collaborate with. 

The course "Industrial Placement Course in Visual Effects" starts in 2019 (January - June). You can download the syllabus for this course as a pdf on this page.

Hope to see you in at Campus i12 in the autumn! 


The Recruitment Day was founded by the Programme Manager of Visual Effects Sofia Lovén in the year 2010.  It has been very successful throughout the years for both students and companies. About 350-400 interviews is conducted in a day.

  • Alice Tuxford - Double Negative, London

  • Luke Ballard - Double Negative, London

  • Aksel Studsgarth - Ghost, Copenhagen

  • Millie Cox - Framestore, London

  • Tom Baskaya - Framestore, London

  • Anders Singstedt - Fido, Stockholm

  • Yafei Wu - Important Looking Pirates, Stockholm

  • Simon Sandin & Oskar Larsson - Chimney Group

  • Björn Jankes - Swiss, Stockholm